Cryptocurrency Taxes

As we head into tax season, the US government has a message for taxpayers—virtual currencies are taxable, and you are legally obligated to report any cryptocurrencies mined, traded, or invested in last year. "Taxpayers who do not …

Jan 9, 2018 … Cryptocurrency is riding high these days. But even as more investors are taking a chance on digital currency, many are still confused about how to treat it for federal income tax purposes. Here's what you need to know.

Cryptocurrency has gone mostly unregulated, but Coinbase could be just the first of many IRS targets.

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So you are sitting on the hottest cryptocurrency around, and as the end of the year approaches, maybe you finally start thinking about (gasp!) that dreaded taxman.

Mar 1, 2018 … And now, Tax Day, as ever, looms large. But this year, perhaps, is a bit different from the last few—you've got a bit of money invested in cryptocurrency. And though currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple are poised to transform the financial system (not to mention your bank account), where it …

Mar 21, 2018 · With this year's April 17 filing deadline fast approaching, many virtual currency traders are sweating over their tax returns.

Jan 28, 2018 … This guide should be used as a helpful resource and not a definitive source of information related to tax reporting. Please work with a certified accountant to meet all legal requirements.

5 days ago … The room was full of stressed-out cryptocurrency traders. And for once, they weren't nervous about the price of Bitcoin, or the roller coaster swings of the virtual currency markets. No, the subject of this gloomy affair was taxes. specifically, how — and whether — to pay them. With this year's April 17 tax filing  …

Many people aren’t aware they may need to pay tax when selling their bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, with the ATO considering them to be a form of property.

Mar 26, 2018 · Investing in cryptocurrency moved mainstream in 2017, now more people are staring down tax bills from their big gains in crypto.

Tax season is upon us and those with new-found Bitcoin wealth are scratching their heads. Do we have to pay taxes on our cryptocurrency profits? Read on for the …

US Tax Changes And Cryptocurrency Exemptions 2018Blog written by Tax Attorney Tyson Cross covering topics related to the taxation of bitcoin and other virtual currencies.

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The world of cryptocurrency is booming right now. You decided to take the plunge, and now you’re making immense profits. But have you been keeping track of your trades?

In its new study, the OECD Secretary General examines cryptocurrency and its …

Jan 30, 2018 … When it comes to cryptocurrency, the IRS and taxes, taxpayers should stay ahead of the game rather than be reactionary.

Four state legislatures are at varying stages on bills that would allow citizens or businesses to pay taxes with cryptocurrencies. While individuals that have …

Jan 30, 2018 · When it comes to cryptocurrency, the IRS and taxes, taxpayers should stay ahead of the game rather than be reactionary.

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Bitcoin Taxes Contents Cost basis. this means time and federal Think for most people Taxpayers should stay ahead As bitcoin adoption climbs, the IRS has gotten more and more serious about tracking down bitcoin tax evaders. The agency even filed a lawsuit earlier this year … Get a free guide to explain. $20,000 minimum investment. Self-service available.